We supply textile raw materials that are used in textile
factories, with high quality and competitive price.

- synthetic/natural yarn and fiber
- all kinds of dyestuffs
- various chemical & agent.

We have supplied various kinds of textile machines in the range of spinning, preparatory, weaving & knitting and dyeing & finishing fields. Not only individual single machine but also turn-key base plant with operation know-how is available in our supply scope.

- Twisting machine
- Various types of winding machines
- Warping machine
- Beaming machine
- Weaving machine
- Circular knitting machine
- Flat knitting machine
- Various types of dyeing machines
- Stenter machine
- Coating machine
- Recycle machine for PE.PP
Through the long experience in textile industry, Sunborn has accumulated technical know-how and qualified technicians to produce up-to-date textiles. Sunborn is ready to support A to Z in textile field and will be the best partner for the textile mills who want to upgrade their S/W as well as H/W.